Detect Proven Chart Patterns
CupFind is capable of detecting the following prime buying opportunities before they take off on major advances:

           Cup with Handle
           Double Bottom
           Flat Base
           50 DMA Opportunities

  Easy to Use
Have you ever used financial software that has so many buttons that it seems impossible to figure out how to get it to do what you want? CupFind was designed with simplicity in mind. You can be browsing chart patterns in only two clicks! (Download the Demo, click the "Search" button, and then the "Find" button). The advanced options of CupFind are intelligently organized so they are out of your way until you are ready to use them.

  You Choose How Patterns Look
Every book on chart patterns will give you different technical specifications as to how a certain chart pattern should look. With CupFind, you are not subject to what other investors think a pattern should look like, you can set the options yourself! You can specify everything from the minimum number of days in the Cup of a Cup with Handle pattern, to the maximum percentage change in a Flat Base.

  View Charts Offline
CupFind is already configured to download stock data from Yahoo! Finance. Once the data is on your computer, it is there until you choose to remove it. This means viewing charts is significantly faster since the data is already on your computer. There's no need to re-download the chart everytime you want to view it. In addition, you do not need to be connected to the internet once the data is on your computer, allowing you the freedom to study stock charts while you're on the plane or waiting for an appointment.

  Request a Feature
Do you want a feature that you don't see in CupFind? Request a feature by emailing us at . The vast majority of user feature requests are implemented into the next version release.

  Free Demo
Know what you're getting before you make your investment in CupFind. To experience all of the time-saving features available in CupFind, try the demo version of CupFind today!