CupFind Help

Main Interface:
     Auto Advance
     Chart Navigation
     Chart Options
     Charts to Show
     Get Stock Box

Search Dialog:
     Main Dialog
     Loading Stocks
     Data Sources
     Cup w/ Handle Options
     Flat Base Options
     Double Bottom Options
     50 DMA Options

     Output File

Create New List Dialog
Creating Stock Lists
Shortcut Keys

There are several shortcut keys that can speed up your ability to view charts in CupFind.

Shortcut Key Action
Up Previous Stock
Down Next Stock
Left Flag / Unflag current stock
Right Start / Stop Auto Advance
Ctrl + Left Move Cross Cursor back 10 days
Ctrl + Right Move Cross Cursor forward 10 days
Ctrl + Alt + Left Move Chart back 10 days
Ctrl + Alt + Right Move Chart forward 10 days
Home Move Chart to Beginning
End Move Chart to End (most recent data)
Ctrl + L Logarithmic Scale
Ctrl + N Normal Scale
Alt + X Toggle Cross Cursor On / Off
Alt + [Number 1 - 9] Shows the specified number of areas (i.e. Alt + 3 would show the main chart plus 2 indicator areas)