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Main Interface:
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     Chart Navigation
     Chart Options
     Charts to Show
     Get Stock Box

Search Dialog:
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     Loading Stocks
     Data Sources
     Cup w/ Handle Options
     Flat Base Options
     Double Bottom Options
     50 DMA Options

     Output File

Create New List Dialog
Creating Stock Lists
Shortcut Keys

The "Auto Advance" group box provides the ability to start, stop, and specify the delay of the Auto Advance feature

The "Delay" text box allows you to enter the specified number of seconds that the Auto Advance should spend displaying each stock. The delay may be changed while the Auto Advance is running.

Clicking the "Start" button begins the Auto Advance feature. This feature will automatically advance to the next stock that meets the criteria in the "Charts to Show" group box after the specified delay. While the Auto Advance is running you may flag stocks. If the Auto Advance proceeds to the next stock before you have a chance to flag it, press the UP arrow key to go to the previous chart. Keep in mind the Auto Advance is still running and will continue to the next chart in the specified amount of time. After clicking the "Start" button, the button changes to "Stop." Clicking this button will stop the Auto Advance feature. You may also use the RIGHT arrow key to start or stop the Auto Advance feature.