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The "Flagging" group box contains options that allow you to flag stocks and output those stocks to a file.

Checking the "Flag this Stock" checkbox flags the current stock. When a stock is flagged, a red flag is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the charting area. You may also flag a stock by pressing the LEFT arrow key.

If the "Excel" radio button is selected, clicking the "Output Flagged" button outputs all of the currently selected charts to a file named "<Loaded FileName> - Flagged (X).csv" (ie, "MyStockList - Flagged (2).csv") where X is the lowest integer that represents the first available filename. The "Output Flagged" button is disabled until a stock has been flagged. Once a stock is flagged, the button becomes enabled.

If the "List" radio button is selected, clicking the "Output Flagged" button brings up the "Create New List" dialog, allowing you to specify a name for the list. The list is then output to the \CupFind\Lists\ directory along with all the other lists.

Clicking the "Open" button opens the file that was just output via the "Output Flagged" button. The "Open" button is disabled until the "Output Flagged" button has been clicked. Once the flagged stocks have been output, the "Open" button becomes enabled.

Note: The "<Loaded FileName> - Flagged (X).csv" files are all output to the /CupFind/Results/ directory.