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The "50 DMA Options" dialog box allows you to set the detection options for 50 DMA Opportunities.

The "# Days MA to Search" option specifies what moving average CupFind should consider when detecting opportunities. For example, a value of 200 means CupFind would consider the 200 Day Moving Average for such opportunities. This option may not be removed.

The "Min. Days Above DMA" option specifies the minimum number of days the stock must spend above the specified moving average without coming down to touch the specified moving average. This option may not be removed.

The "% within DMA Considered Touch" option specifies the percentage that a stock is allowed to come to its moving average without considering it a touch. For example, a value of 10 means that a stock can pull back within 10% of the specified moving average and still be considered valid. If the stock pulls back within 8% of its moving average, but does not touch the moving average, the stock is still eliminated. This option may not be removed.


1. The default values are by no means the best values. You are encouraged to set your own values based on your own personal trading preferences and experiences.

2. All references to "days" refer to trading days. There are 5 trading days in a typical week (Monday-Friday).