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The "Data Source" drop-down box allows you to select the source for your stock data.

Selecting "CupFind Data (.cfd)" will load the stock data from your hard drive. No internet connection is needed for this selection. Any stocks that do not have corresponding data in the /CupFind/Data/ folder are automatically skipped. The stock data that is loaded is as recent as the last time you downloaded new data or imported and search third-party data. Third party data that has been imported into the /CupFind/Data/ folder will not be available until the data has been scanned.

Selecting "New Data From Yahoo!" will enable the "Start Date" and "End Date" boxes. This is the range of data that you would like to download. The "End Date" box is automatically set to todays date, but this can be changed to whatever date you desire. Downloading new data from Yahoo! requires an internet connection. If an internet connection is not found, the tickers will be skipped. A broad-band connection (DSL, Cable, etc.) is highly recommended when downloading stock data for a large number of tickers, however it is not required.

Third Party data sources, such as .prn and .cfs, can be loaded by selecting the appropriate option in the drop-down box. The data for each ticker must be placed in the /CupFind/Data folder. Any tickers that are not found in this folder will be automatically skipped.