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Create New List Dialog
Creating Stock Lists
Shortcut Keys

This portion of the Search dialog box allows you to choose what stocks should be scanned.

Individual Stocks
Selecting the "Indiv. Stocks" radio button allows you to enter a list of space-delimited tickers to scan for chart patterns. For example, you may enter "MSFT INTC DELL CSCO" (without quotes). There is no limit to the number of tickers you can enter. However, for convenience we recommend loading no more than 10 tickers using this method.

Load File
Selecting the "Load File" radio button brings up a dialog box that allows you to select a .txt file that contains a list of tickers. There is no limit to the number of tickers in the list. Click here for the specifications that must be followed in creating your own list of tickers. You may also enter a specific path to load the .txt file from.