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The "Output File" group box contains options that allow you to select how the detected chart patterns will be output.

Selecting the "Create" radio button will create a new file every time a search is performed. CupFind will choose the first "BasesX.csv" filename that does not exist, where X is incremented by 1 until an unused filename is found. For example, it will first attempt to use "Bases.csv." If that filename is already used, it will attempt to use "Bases0.csv" followed by "Bases1.csv" and "Bases2.csv" and so on.

Selecting the "Append" radio button will append the detected chart pattern information to the last used file. In the above example, if Bases2.csv exists but Bases3.csv does not (meaning Bases2.csv is the last used file), the data will be appended to Bases2.csv.

Selecting the "Overwrite" radio button will simply overwrite the original "Bases.csv."

Note: The "BasesX.csv" files are all output to the /CupFind/Results/ directory.